Create Unique Content

A proven system to cross-pollinating ideas.

In just 1 hour, learn to systematically turn your notes into original ideas and rise above the crowd.

3 Principles

Learn 3 first principles that Niklas Luhmann argued for.

15 mins

Turn this into a 15-minute daily ritual.

5 phases

Write incrementally. Who has time for 'Deep Work'?

Who is this for?

Anyone who's experienced these problems:

  • You have great ideas all the time, but nothing ever comes out of them.

  • You keep highlighting articles and books. But, you don't remember much.

  • You tried creating a content creation system to turn what you capture into content quickly. But, what you create ends up sounding like everyone else, adding to the echo chamber.

  • You have too many folders.The clutter overwhelms and deters you from using your notes.

  • You search for a note, but the search result shows you hundreds of results. Most of them are irrelevant.

  • You spend days coming up with the most convoluted amazing system of tags and links.

  • You try to surface notes ONLY as you need them, to save time. But as your knowledge evolves, you spend way too much time updating the system.

Stop wasting time tweaking your system. You know what you should be doing instead — creating content.

Systematically cross-pollinate ideas & stand out from the crowd.

Hey! I'm King.

Do you struggle to create content that sets you apart from the crowd, and you think to yourself, “If only I had more time, then I’d be able to create more unique content”? Me too.

As a young dad with a toddler, a baby, and a 9-5 situation, the zettelkasten method has helped me overcome my lack of time in general, and especially my lack of time for deep work.In just 15 minutes a day, using 3 simple principles (plus a secret sauce), you can turn your notes into fresh ideas that will help you stand out and fulfill your potential.

By the end of this free guide, you'll have your very own Zettelkasten in Obsidian.

Sounds good? Get access now!